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Updated Monday February 18, 2019 by Auburn Riverside Youth Football and Cheer.

Q: So when does the season start? 

A. The season normally starts August 1st. and will run till the 2nd week of November

Q: What's the practice schedule look like for the season?

A. Practice is normally 4 days a week during the summer months which is Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm. There will be rare times we will have a Friday practice but parents will be notified prior to. When school begins we will practice 3 days a week, Tuesday -Thursday. 

Q: Where are the practices located at?

A. Practice location is normally at Roegner Park or Auburn Riverside HS Turf field. We will update the website once we have field confirm for the season. 

Q: Where the football/cheer games at?

A. Our football games are normally on Saturdays. If we are hosting it will be either at Auburn Memorial Stadium or Auburn Riverside HS just depends on availability. There could be a chance that we play on Sunday's but we will let parents as soon as possible if that happens.




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Staci Sarfert commented on July 24, 4:46am
"When are the Jamboree times and the actual game times going to be announced? I have a few things I need to schedule in Aug and trying to get things situated. Thank you Staci"
June (AD) Malietufa commented on July 25, 7:21am
"look in events and everything is there"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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